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A new take on the traditional sales funnel

If you’ve been around business for any length of time, you’ve been exposed to the traditional sales funnel. It refers to potential customers who, over time, move toward making a sale.  It looks something like this:


And most business owners I talk to focus on the top and the bottom.  They want to “get the word out” and “make sales.”  And I’d agree those are pretty good things to pay attention to.

But how about those in the middle part of the funnel?  How can you impact those potential customers? Those who are forming opinions, establishing consideration, deciding on a preference?  Well, interactive media is truly an effective way of doing those things.

One of the ways potential customers start to form an opinion is through search engines.  Have you ever searched for a business and found it difficult to find it online? I’ll bet if you have, your opinion of that business was affected in some way.

If you have a reasonably sized database of email addresses, then you have a significant tool to help those folks move toward preference.  One excellent way to establish preference is through the use of contesting and promotions. Do a giveaway, collect emails, drive people to your social media pages.  Then you get a chance to re-market to those people moving forward. Moving people down the sales funnel is accomplished through interaction, relationship building and education. From a marketing point of view, interactive media seemed to have been invented to fill in that sales funnel gap.

There’s much more to marketing than creating awareness and making sales. And interactive media is a great way to address the large subset of the population who are somewhere in between.