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Ace Hardware in Butte, MT drives more business with YouTube! (No cute kittens or kids needed)

Home Improvement is one of the largest categories searched and viewed on YouTube and the local Ace Hardware in Butte, MT is taking advantage of this. We pitched the idea of YouTube pre-roll advertising to the local owner, Matt Dowdell, late last year. He was more than willing to give it a try and has seen amazing response to this unique video platform.

You’ve all seen pre-roll ads on YouTube.  They are the ads that run right before the video you’ve requested runs. So, imagine that someone in Butte requests a YouTube video that explains how to fix a leak or install a light fixture. Wouldn’t an ad from Ace Hardware be perfect for that person?

Matt opted to run the same 30 second spot on YouTube that he currently runs with us on television. The spot has a strong local feel and features the store manager and employees discussing that month’s “Hot Buys”. Ace runs 20,000 impressions per month in our local DMA and targets all home improvement videos viewed. Being in a smaller DMA, some months we need to add a ‘blanket coverage’ for any additional impressions that may not target home improvement.

The response has been excellent!

Ace Hardware averages over 3000 complete video views per month plus an excellent click through rate to their website. They were so excited about their response that Matt recommended we present this platform to the Eastern Montana Ace Hardware Dealer Group at their annual meeting. This dealer group is also now advertising with this platform throughout the state of Montana! YouTube pre-roll advertising is definitely something to consider in your digital marketing campaigns.