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Are you an advertiser? Maybe you should think of yourself as a content creator.

Think of yourself as a content creator…..

” I’m sorry, what?” you may have just asked.

Consider that for a long time, advertising was thought of as just that – a sales message designed to encourage a sale. And there’s nothing really wrong with that. Sales make the business world go around. But in the new world of social media and YouTube, advertising is changing. The way we view it, the way we see it, the way think about it.

Big companies are spending lots of money to create more content than they ever have before. It goes into ads, social media posts, internal communications. It goes viral.  In some ways, what was once thought of as sales messaging has turned into something else.

“Content” in this context, needs to be more than selling. It needs to be timely and important to the reader.  It needs to connect with the audience in a deeper way. Content needs to be relevant to those consuming it.

You probably create content everyday. You just don’t think abut it that way. When you write and email, you’re creating content. Write a text message, content.  Tell a co-worker about your kids, more content.

I work with many business owners who are concerned about the time requirements of social media. “I don’t have time,” they say. “I don’t know what to write.”

I think that’s because they think they have to “advertise.” But they don’t. If they think more about it as creating content, then maybe what you write or post becomes less about selling, and more about creating connection. Being relevant. Starting a relationship.

So aspire to be content creators as well as advertisers.  You’ll be surprised at just how good you are at it.



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