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Case Study: Whether good or bad, weather is good for advertising!

By Kelly Garrett

Service Chevrolet Cadillac in Lafayette, LA is one of the largest Chevrolet dealers and one of two Cadillac dealerships in the area.

When we first met with the Marketing Director in 2012, she was looking for a way to stand out above the other dealerships.  She wanted an exclusive marketing approach focused on interactive that could tie into her current television campaign. She also needed it to deliver a return on investment (ROI).

We conducted an in-depth diagnostic. It was clear she needed more exposure than the mobile app campaign that they had been running since 2011 . As you may know, Louisiana is known for its severe weather, so she wanted to be associated with our weather coverage on our television station website,

The dealership marketing director loved our ideas that revolved around weather. We started with a traditional weather video sponsorship. She also wanted to increase her exposure on our weather app. She also liked the fact that we were going to offer a Mardi Gras weather sponsorship. They were currently the exclusive sponsor on television, so it just made sense.

The following year, we went back to re-diagnose the client to see what had changed over the course of a year.  The client was building a new location and at that time.  We discovered that there was a need for more advertising. We went in with a strictly weather focus approach, which meant a 75% hare of voice on our Weather Video Sponsorship and an increase in ROS banners on and our mobile app. She wanted it all! They also signed up as an exclusive weather and Mardi Gras content online sponsor.

The Marketing Director and Internet Sales Manager called us in one day to review the results.  The and mobile platforms were the 3rd highest vehicle of traffic to their site! Only falling short to Google and Yahoo.  They have since increased their Internet Sales Department and are learning new ways to service the leads that we bring them on a daily basis.

We have met with their sales and management staff (even the owner sat in on a meeting) to better explain to them how we are helping them grow their business and how we can continue to work together on increasing performance all the way around.

The dealership continues to be successful. They will soon open a New Cadillac building right next door to their Chevrolet building.

Kelly Garrett is the Interactive Director at KATC-TV in Lafayette, LA.