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How a small town uses interactive media to kick off the holidays!

Resting in the middle of Kentucky’s horse county, the small town of Midway has a bustling downtown that thrives during the holidays.  But it needed a lift in business. The merchant group, made up of restaurant and store owners, sought to expand on small business Saturday and chose to host a holiday market, complete with […]

How one small town got big results for local business

Lexington Diagnostic Center: A Case study in managing your online presence

Recently, we sat down with Davonna Saier, the marketing directory of the Lexington Diagnostic Center in Lexington, KY. A year ago, our TV station there partnered with her on all facets of her web presence…soup to nuts. A year later, she’s got a firm grasp on what she’s doing and why.  It’s the kind of […]

Someone who actually knows what she's doing with interactive advertising! You gotta see this!

Here’s how a local theater leveraged community relationships and interactive media to promote a whole new look!

The Galliard Performance Hall Foundation is currently raising money to build a new, redesigned, world-class and state-of-the-art Performing Arts Center in the heart of Charleston, South Carolina. And when the foundation made that decision to move forward with the project, The Post and Courier team was there to help. The paper’s solutions team provided The […]

Curtain goes up on interactive media help a performing arts center!

How a local medical office found success with digital and traditional advertising by getting in front of the right people!

Northwest NeuroSpecialists  is located in Tucson, AZ and the doctors there are experts in the diagnosis, treatment and management of disorders of the brain and nervous system, including Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, migraines, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, neuropathies and many other nervous system disorders.. As that specific health category continues to get more competitive, they decided […]

One example of how a medical group harnessed the power of interactive advertising!

How did a college promote enrollment using interactive advertising? Targeting the right people with the right programs.

Consider the marketing challenges of a local community college.  Multiple programs, locations, start dates and all types of people to target.  Sounds challenging. So let’s look at Pueblo Community College in Pueblo, CO. That school was interested in targeted advertising for several distinct locations in Colorado. The campaign would need the ability to promote multiple programs […]

Many college classes. Many seats to fill. How did they fill them?

Case Study: Whether good or bad, weather is good for advertising!

By Kelly Garrett Service Chevrolet Cadillac in Lafayette, LA is one of the largest Chevrolet dealers and one of two Cadillac dealerships in the area. When we first met with the Marketing Director in 2012, she was looking for a way to stand out above the other dealerships.  She wanted an exclusive marketing approach focused […]

How one dealership controlled the weather to do more business!

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Most people prefer targeted ads. Is your business delivering?

Targeted advertising – not so creepy after all. At a time where there are concerns about Internet privacy, surprisingly, many Americans are not opposed to using data to deliver targeted ads that appeal to their interests. In fact, they prefer targeted ads over random ads according to a survey conducted by Zoby Analytics on behalf of […]

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