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I love hospitals! Well, not exactly…

Actually, I love going to hospital mobile websites.  And I love comparing one to another because it typically ends up demonstrating something very important about a business’s mobile web presence. Ask yourself a very simple question.  Why would I go to a hospital’s website on my phone? If you think like me, it would probably […]

Comparing hospital websites is REALLY my thing

We all do it about 150 times a day…. And it’s creating a whole new marketing challenge!

Researchers say that we do it about 150 times a day.  And most times, it only lasts for seconds.  But it’s creating a whole new challenge (and opportunity) for businesses like yours. On average, Americans check their phones about 150 times a day. Waiting in the line at the grocery store.  At the red light. […]

150 daily reasons to work on your mobile marketing

Why I have a job in one perfect picture!

I went to visit my sister a couple weeks ago, and we had a great time.  Her family is awesome.  She’s a great cook, her husband is a wonderful guy and father, and their kids are smart, funny and well behaved.  It’s always a good time when I go there. And then, it happened. My […]

Your advertising challenge in one photo taken at my sister's house

A new take on the traditional sales funnel

If you’ve been around business for any length of time, you’ve been exposed to the traditional sales funnel. It refers to potential customers who, over time, move toward making a sale.  It looks something like this: And most business owners I talk to focus on the top and the bottom.  They want to “get the […]

A deeper look at the sales funnel

Promotions Can Drive Business like Crazy!!!

Marketing your business doesn’t have to be boring. It can actually be fun, interesting and illuminating, depending upon how you do it. I say this because sometimes, business owners forget to execute a form of marketing that helps to break out of the normal. It’s called “promotions.” Recently, the Local Media Association (LMA) published a […]

Promote your business through Promotions!

Local Businesses need to know what Reputation Management REALLY is!

If you’re a local business owner, ask yourself a simple question… “How important is my reputation?” If your answer is “very,” then continue to read, because the concept of reputation in the digital world has changed a lot. And you need to understand this. All businesses need reputation management. Period. And I’ll say it a […]

What's Your reputation worth? A lot? then start working on it!

Want to sell tickets? Here’s how Norton Center for the Arts did it.

Meet Mandy Prather.  She heads up marketing for the Norton Center for the Arts in Danville, KY. In this video, Mandy tells us how she worked with our interactive experts at LEX18 in Lexington to come up with an effective, integrated marketing campaign that drove great results.  

Click to hear how to sell tickets and gather an audience for your events

Mobile First Now!

Are you one of those business owners or marketing managers who have always felt a step or two behind the trends when it came to web marketing and advertising?  Well, if you are, then you’re not alone. I know you work hard. You’re trying your best to do everything you can to make your efforts […]

Mobile, Mobile, Mobile. Have I made my point?

Ace Hardware in Butte, MT drives more business with YouTube! (No cute kittens or kids needed)

Home Improvement is one of the largest categories searched and viewed on YouTube and the local Ace Hardware in Butte, MT is taking advantage of this. We pitched the idea of YouTube pre-roll advertising to the local owner, Matt Dowdell, late last year. He was more than willing to give it a try and has […]

Ace Hardware gets results from YouTube!

How a small town uses interactive media to kick off the holidays!

Resting in the middle of Kentucky’s horse county, the small town of Midway has a bustling downtown that thrives during the holidays.  But it needed a lift in business. The merchant group, made up of restaurant and store owners, sought to expand on small business Saturday and chose to host a holiday market, complete with […]

How one small town got big results for local business