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I love hospitals! Well, not exactly…

Actually, I love going to hospital mobile websites.  And I love comparing one to another because it typically ends up demonstrating something very important about a business’s mobile web presence. Ask yourself a very simple question.  Why would I go to a hospital’s website on my phone? If you think like me, it would probably […]

Comparing hospital websites is REALLY my thing

We all do it about 150 times a day…. And it’s creating a whole new marketing challenge!

Researchers say that we do it about 150 times a day.  And most times, it only lasts for seconds.  But it’s creating a whole new challenge (and opportunity) for businesses like yours. On average, Americans check their phones about 150 times a day. Waiting in the line at the grocery store.  At the red light. […]

150 daily reasons to work on your mobile marketing

Why I have a job in one perfect picture!

I went to visit my sister a couple weeks ago, and we had a great time.  Her family is awesome.  She’s a great cook, her husband is a wonderful guy and father, and their kids are smart, funny and well behaved.  It’s always a good time when I go there. And then, it happened. My […]

Your advertising challenge in one photo taken at my sister's house

Mobile First Now!

Are you one of those business owners or marketing managers who have always felt a step or two behind the trends when it came to web marketing and advertising?  Well, if you are, then you’re not alone. I know you work hard. You’re trying your best to do everything you can to make your efforts […]

Mobile, Mobile, Mobile. Have I made my point?

Lexington Diagnostic Center: A Case study in managing your online presence

Recently, we sat down with Davonna Saier, the marketing directory of the Lexington Diagnostic Center in Lexington, KY. A year ago, our TV station there partnered with her on all facets of her web presence…soup to nuts. A year later, she’s got a firm grasp on what she’s doing and why.  It’s the kind of […]

Someone who actually knows what she's doing with interactive advertising! You gotta see this!

Here’s how a local theater leveraged community relationships and interactive media to promote a whole new look!

The Galliard Performance Hall Foundation is currently raising money to build a new, redesigned, world-class and state-of-the-art Performing Arts Center in the heart of Charleston, South Carolina. And when the foundation made that decision to move forward with the project, The Post and Courier team was there to help. The paper’s solutions team provided The […]

Curtain goes up on interactive media help a performing arts center!

How did a college promote enrollment using interactive advertising? Targeting the right people with the right programs.

Consider the marketing challenges of a local community college.  Multiple programs, locations, start dates and all types of people to target.  Sounds challenging. So let’s look at Pueblo Community College in Pueblo, CO. That school was interested in targeted advertising for several distinct locations in Colorado. The campaign would need the ability to promote multiple programs […]

Many college classes. Many seats to fill. How did they fill them?

The 5 Things to Know About Facebook

Let’s keep it sweet and simple, Director of Mobile and Social Media for Informed Interactive, Toby Collodora, has created a 17-minute YouTube video. You’ll be glad you spent the 17 minutes watching this no-nonsense, practical video to get a better handle on your business’s social media approach.

Lakes, fish and great social media marketing!

Interactive gets most money of any medium, says Interactive Advertising Bureau

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) recently issued its annual report on advertising revenues.  THE IAB is the organization that leads our industry, providing guidance and research about all facets of interactive advertising. It’s a well respected and very influential organization, so when it talks, I listen. This report says that 2013 was the first year […]

The IAB report is out, and boy, things they are a changin'...

Making your website easy to navigate on a smartphone

Many online products can boost a company’s overall marketing presence, but not necessarily bring immediate return with customers. Your primary online presence remains important, even critical. It can provide the long-term benefit of gaining new customers for you instead of your competitor. We live in a “NOW” society. We have to make our services available […]

See why "mobile friendly" means a lot...