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Facebook Contests: Page Timeline or App?

There are two ways to run contests on Facebook: on your page timeline or through an app.  Which one you pick depends on what your goals are for the contest. Are you looking to get the word out about your brand?  Do you want people to be talking about you?  Or are you looking for […]

What kind of Facebook contest is right for you?

Making your website easy to navigate on a smartphone

Many online products can boost a company’s overall marketing presence, but not necessarily bring immediate return with customers. Your primary online presence remains important, even critical. It can provide the long-term benefit of gaining new customers for you instead of your competitor. We live in a “NOW” society. We have to make our services available […]

See why "mobile friendly" means a lot...

What your business has in common with curling

By David Buonfiglio Every four years, the Winter Olympics comes around and something unexpected happens to me. I spend dozens of hours in a trance, watching a sport I don’t think about much otherwise. But when it’s on TV, I can’t get enough. Curling. “Curling?,” you ask. “What are you thinking?” It mesmerizes me. I […]

The answer will surprise you.