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Database marketing for an orthodontist? Chew on that!

Dr. Troy Shaw is a well-established orthodontist in western Montana and has 2 locations about 45 miles apart. The TV salesperson had been working with them for more than 4 years in an attempt to help them with their interactive marketing. His competition increased over the past 2 years so we talked with them about several elements, including a focus on social media.

We chatted with the marketing team and doctor about doing a Facebook contest and increasing their database (both via Facebook and email). The doctor decided to give away a wonderful and specific prize of free braces ($5,000 value) to whoever was randomly selected.

The database was a specific one, where if the people did not need braces or did not know someone who needed braces, the probability was that they wouldn’t enter.

Doctor and staff were very excited to kick off the contest.

Dr. Shaw increased over 600 Likes and generated over 900 new email addresses! They were excited about these new databases they had to tap into. Here is where it gets even more exciting…

KPAX sent an email to all of the entrants who did not win and provided an offer from Dr. Shaw. The offer was a free consultation and a flat $500 off any braces purchase.

Since this email was sent out shortly after the contest ended, 5 email vouchers for $500 off have been redeemed! That is $22,500 of new business from this contest! There have been over a dozen more inquiries about the voucher and they now have quantified actual business from their Facebook posts and Likes and now form their newly-established email marketing program.

Dr. Shaw and his staff are very pleased with KPAX and the progress they feel they have made in their interactive marketing. They have mentioned to us that they are long-term customers and feel they are grasping the “once-elusive” interactive-marketing they tried so hard to focus on for years on their own.

MORAL OF THE STORY: Database marketing should be a primary means of marketing in this new digital age. In 2014, advertising budgets are tighter than ever and the shotgun approach is no longer an option for SMB’s in markets all across the country. Honing in on a specific market and talking to them is a wiser and more cost-effective way to market and more and more business owners are realizing this.

Databases, with interactive marketing, allows the internet to separate those who are truly interested in your product and those who are not…not just throwing your message out there and hope is sticks to someone who hopefully is in the market at the right time. Databases are vital for a business’ growth and, in Dr. Shaw’s case, generate new business like nothing he’s ever tried.