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Facebook Contests: Page Timeline or App?

There are two ways to run contests on Facebook: on your page timeline or through an app.  Which one you pick depends on what your goals are for the contest.

Are you looking to get the word out about your brand?  Do you want people to be talking about you?  Or are you looking for data? Do you want to collect information from people to use for marketing later?  Or are you looking for likes for your Facebook page?

If you’re in the first camp, you’ll want to run a contest right on your page timeline.  You can set up a post and require people to either like the post, comment on the post or post something to your timeline to be entered to win.  This will help increase your engagement reach on Facebook.

Why is it important to increase your engagement reach?  Facebook uses an algorithm to determine which content displays in each person’s individual News Feed.  Facebook values posts with high-quality content that have a lot of likes, shares and comments – that’s the engagement.

The higher your engagement, the higher the value Facebook puts on your content.  And that translates to more people seeing your content.

If you’re thinking, “but first, I need a following,” an app-based contest is the way to go.  With an app, you can require customers to like your Facebook page before they can register to win your contest.  It’s a great way to increase your potential audience pool.

Looking for help sorting this out – and making sure your contests comply with all of Facebook’s terms and conditions?  Contact your local Interactive Director to see how Informed Owl can help your business succeed in social media.

Toby Collodora is the Director of Social/Mobile Media for Informed Interactive.