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Wise Local Marketing

Here’s how a local theater leveraged community relationships and interactive media to promote a whole new look!

The Galliard Performance Hall Foundation is currently raising money to build a new, redesigned, world-class and state-of-the-art Performing Arts Center in the heart of Charleston, South Carolina. And when the foundation made that decision to move forward with the project, The Post and Courier team was there to help.

The paper’s solutions team provided The Gaillard Foundation with a needs analysis to learn more about whom it was trying to reach, where their potential audience was coming from, what their expectations were and what they were looking to accomplish.

Several meetings were held early in the planning stages while sales consultants came up with recommendations for the client to implement a 9-month, multi-platform campaign to achieve their desired results.

Once the foundation, ad agency, and The Post and Courier sales team agreed on a plan and pricing, the integrated program was put into place.
The strategy included on-site videography, high impact video banners, mobile, online display ads live on South Carolina’s #1 media website, parallax ads, email marketing that targets both local and regional audiences, and sponsored content that would live on our website and be promoted across our social media platforms.

This was a collaborative effort from all parties, including The Galliard Foundation, The Galliard Center, The Post and Courier and the advertising agency that the client has been working with.
The Post and Courier News team also produced the videos used in the ad campaign, featuring highly regarded and well-known Charleston personalities. Each shared their perspective on the arts, passion for it, and the new Galliard Center.

Thus far, the marketing campaign shows that our site, is directly responsible for more than half (54%) of all the traffic to the Foundations website.

This collaboration truly set the group up for an ongoing partnership, to help promote the delights expected and generated from the new Performing Arts Center for years to come.