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How a small town uses interactive media to kick off the holidays!

Resting in the middle of Kentucky’s horse county, the small town of Midway has a bustling downtown that thrives during the holidays.  But it needed a lift in business. The merchant group, made up of restaurant and store owners, sought to expand on small business Saturday and chose to host a holiday market, complete with Santa, on that same Saturday to kick off the holiday season.

To drive traffic to the event they sought a partnership with LEX18 and even though they had a very small budget.

A strategically targeted campaign was put into place two weeks out from the event that included advertising targeted by geography and time of day. It also included an email blast and a small TV schedule.

This campaign has continued to be renewed and traffic to the event has grown year-over-year. This collaboration was such a success the LEX18 team was brought in to help with additional festivals in the town, because the merchants were confident LEX18 could take their small budget and create a large impact.