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Informed Owl

Wise Local Marketing

How did a college promote enrollment using interactive advertising? Targeting the right people with the right programs.

Consider the marketing challenges of a local community college.  Multiple programs, locations, start dates and all types of people to target.  Sounds challenging.

So let’s look at Pueblo Community College in Pueblo, CO. That school was interested in targeted advertising for several distinct locations in Colorado. The campaign would need the ability to promote multiple programs – separately.  The programs included online Business School, Computer Forensics and Computer Networking. A more generic enrollment campaign was included as well. The target locations included Pueblo, Canon City and the southwest corner of Colorado.


Our KOAA-TV interactive team suggested a combination of products that would work in unison to bring visitors to specific program pages within the college’s website. Both desktop and mobile ads contributed to the campaign.

The campaign would be tracked using Google Analytics (on the PCC side) combined with KOAA’s ad-reporting techniques. Ad impressions, clicks and the click-thru rates of each ad and each ad campaign would be closely monitored. Each ad size, each program campaign and delivery method (mobile vs desktop) were closely evaluated.


Overall, the campaign was a huge success. KOAA over-delivered the promised amount of impressions. The click-thru rates were more than 5-times the national average. And they were able to target a rural market through the use of geo-targeted ads.