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How relevance changed a local business’s perception of digital advertising

By Sherry Elam

Family Allergy and Asthma in Lexington, KY wanted to sponsor an Allergy Report for the spring season since the allergy season was soon approaching.

After speaking with our news director and our weather team we were able to create a ‘Pollen Alert’ billboard  on-air Monday-Friday driving viewers to to check the pollen count in Central Kentucky.  The advertiser was extremely excited that we were able to create a solution that made sense for them and extremely relevant to their business.

Within the first three months Family Allergy and Asthma received over half a million impressions generating +2,400 clicks to their website with a click through rate of 0.43%.  As a result of the great success they have had with the LEX18 Pollen Count Sponsorship they are going to continue to remain the sponsor.

Conclusion: The use of the combined power of TV and Digital sponsored banner advertising relevant to a business “at the right time, at the right place and at the right moment” does work!

Sherry Elam is the Interactive Director at WLEX-TV in Lexington, Kentucky