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Local Businesses need to know what Reputation Management REALLY is!

If you’re a local business owner, ask yourself a simple question…

“How important is my reputation?”

If your answer is “very,” then continue to read, because the concept of reputation in the digital world has changed a lot. And you need to understand this.

All businesses need reputation management. Period. And I’ll say it a different way. There is no business that doesn’t need reputation management. It’s that important, and if you’re not working on it, it could be the biggest mistake you’re making in your marketing and advertising.

Here’s my definition of rep management:  Making sure that everything on the web about your business is correct.  Addresses, phone numbers, hours of operation, web site address, Facebook page, directories, ratings, reviews. All of it. You want to make sure that it’s all consistently correct.  Why’s that important?  Because that maximizes the chance that a potential customer will find you easily.

You can do some of this on your own.  And the first step to that is the simple step of claiming your business listing on Google. Plenty of YouTube videos can help you do this in minutes.

But after that, you need help.  You need a rep management technology partner to help you sort through the rest. There are just too many places on the web that information lives, and you can’t find them all by yourself.  So you need the help of a technology partner to get you this kind of ongoing information.

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But, if you want to read more about this, just search “value of reputation management” and see what links come up.  There’s some excellent content about this subject online.