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Making your website easy to navigate on a smartphone

Many online products can boost a company’s overall marketing presence, but not necessarily bring immediate return with customers. Your primary online presence remains important, even critical. It can provide the long-term benefit of gaining new customers for you instead of your competitor.

We live in a “NOW” society. We have to make our services available to customers 24/7.  Mobile is an area of huge growth in digital marketing, so companies must make sure mobile users have good experiences with their websites. With mobile usage overtaking regular desktop usage, we highly recommend that you make sure your business’ online presence is mobile-friendly.

What does your content look like on a smartphone or tablet screen? Is it just a tiny view of your mainstream website? If visitors have to use their fingers – those pinching, scrolling, zooming touchscreen gestures – just to find your phone number or a map, they may move on to competitors’ sites that are easier to use on a smartphone or tablet.

Look at the examples above. The “regular” website is difficult to navigate and nearly impossible to read. The mobile site is easier to read and requires only simple finger taps to navigate. With a mobile-optimized site, your customer can tap a button to call you, find a map to your location or easily get to your social media pages.

Although this may seem like a really difficult process, the basics are easy. Informed Owl and our local partners work with many small businesses to make their online presence mobile-friendly.