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Mobile First Now!

Are you one of those business owners or marketing managers who have always felt a step or two behind the trends when it came to web marketing and advertising?  Well, if you are, then you’re not alone. I know you work hard. You’re trying your best to do everything you can to make your efforts successful.

But I have a little bad news for you.

You have to start thinking about online in a whole new way.  And here’s how.

Take your smart phone out, open up a browser, and do a Google search for your business. What do you see? Is your business represented on your phone?

OK. Now call up your web site with that same phone.  What does it look like? Is it simply a shrunken-down version of what you’d see on a desktop computer? If so, you’re making a fundamental mistake that has to be fixed before you do anything else…

Here’s your problem. What you just did is how most people access web content nowadays.  It’s a mobile web world, and it happened in a blink of an eye.

Take a look at these two web sites. They both for the same shopping mall. But one is designed to be seen and used on a mobile device. The other is for a user on desktop:

IMG_1929          IMG_1930

Do you see the difference? The one on the right has a simpler design and focuses on content important to a mobile user: location, directory, store hours.  The one on the left has a lot more going on, and most of the text is so small, you can’t even read it.

You need a mobile site NOW.  Not tomorrow, Not next week. Now.

Google won’t even put you in mobile search results (now more than half of all searches) if your site isn’t mobile friendly.

If potential customers come to your site on their mobile phone and it isn’t designed for a mobile experience, then forget about it. They’re gone and your out of luck.

If you’re not sure about your site, check Google’s mobile friendly test site.

Sorry, but desktop sites are so 2010!!!