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Most people prefer targeted ads. Is your business delivering?

Targeted advertising – not so creepy after all.

At a time where there are concerns about Internet privacy, surprisingly, many Americans are not opposed to using data to deliver targeted ads that appeal to their interests. In fact, they prefer targeted ads over random ads according to a survey conducted by Zoby Analytics on behalf of the Digital Advertising Alliance.

From a customer point of view, it seems logical that most people would want ads that are timely and relevant to their lives. Who wants to see ads online dating when you’re married with three kids, right?

What types of targeting are right for your business?

Just as there are a zillion ways to advertise, there are also many types of ad targeting. As a small business owner, you should be aware of the various ways ad targeting works, but the strategy you choose should tie back to your product and business objectives.

According to the eMarketer SlideShare presentation, “Reaching the Right Audience, Ad Targeting Trends” there are at least sixteen types of ad targeting!

These types are often used in tandem and fall under these categories:


  • Behavioral – improve campaign effectiveness based on website and landing page visitor data
  • Demographic – targeting based on gender, age, ethnicity, income, etc.
  • Geographic – based on the location of the target audience
  • Look-alike –the idea of reaching an audience predicted to be similar to an advertiser’s customer base
  • Psychographic – based on the personality, values attitudes, interests and lifestyles of the target audience
  • Retargeting – showing ads to a consumer based on their past internet actions, such as a visit to an advertiser’s website that didn’t result in a sale or conversion





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