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Promotions Can Drive Business like Crazy!!!

Marketing your business doesn’t have to be boring. It can actually be fun, interesting and illuminating, depending upon how you do it.

I say this because sometimes, business owners forget to execute a form of marketing that helps to break out of the normal. It’s called “promotions.”

Recently, the Local Media Association (LMA) published a white paper on promotions to help local media companies deliver these to their advertisers. And it prompted me to write a quick reminder to you local business owners and marketing folks to do the same.

Don’t forget the power of the promotion!

Promotions can take many shapes and forms. Giveaways, sweepstakes, contests. They’re all forms of promotions that can drive real value and sales for local business.

Consider the promotion highlighted in the white paper for a local Audiology & Hearing Center.


Here’s what the LMA report said about the promotion:

“The company…ran a “Hear Clearly” contest to give away iPhone compatible hearing aids. “The prize was a perfect fit for the promotion and its goals, because it was valuable enough to encourage lots of entries and specific enough to ensure only relevant entries,” Droke told Second Street after the contest ran.
More than 350 people entered the contest, which included a number of questions about who had hearing loss, interest in technology, payment plans and whether the entrant wanted someone from the office to be in touch. Additionally, more than half of entrants opted into emails from the advertiser; several liked the company’s Facebook page, and WPSD provided support across their platforms with promotional ads, an email to their own database and online and on-air ads. Through the promotion, more than 60 percent of entrants opted into emails.”

So, I encourage you to think creatively about how to incorporate promotions into your marketing plans.  Excellent branding, expanded email lists, more social media buzz, and a highly targeted database of people interesting in your product or service will be the result. Reach out to one of our marketing experts to help you create and execute the perfect promotion.