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SEE how a short-term contest for eye surgery created long-term marketing opportunities

by Rebecca Alexander, Senior Sales Director for Informed Interactive “After more than six months, we are still getting calls from the promotion we did with you for Lasik surgery, and need to talk about doing it again.” said Gail who was attending a digital workshop in Aiken, SC. Gail Flynn is regional marketing director for […]

It's crystal clear: There's a lot of value in a well executed contest...

person with pen and paper making numbers

Companies are moving their budgets online. Are you?

Yes, we’re online marketing specialists, so it’s easy for us to preach about online advertising being more measurable and often more effective. But, we’re not the only ones urging our clients to invest online. This spring, a global study from Accenture shows that nearly one in four CMOs plans to invest more than half of […]

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