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7 Tips to Create an Effective “Coming Soon” Webpage

Most people think of a “coming soon” page as a Band-Aid – a placeholder to cover up a problematic or incomplete part of a website, similar to the typical “under construction” page. At Informed Owl , we view these pages as opportunities – pages not to cover up, but rather, to utilize. Thus, we call them […]

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Avoid These Mistakes When Writing for Your Website

You know the saying, “content is king.” Well, it’s true. In fact, your website conversion rates depend on it. Sure, a brilliantly designed website helps; but, when it comes down to it, users will be inspired to take action because of something they read. Our team loves this article that clearly identifies five copywriting errors that […]

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How to Build a Website on a Budget

91 percent of business owners and marketers say the quality of a business’s website is an important factor in earning consumers’ trust. Your online presence is simply something you can’t ignore. But it also doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Here are some tips on how to build a quality business website […]

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