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The secret to social media for business? Content, content, content…

Facebook: It’s All About Content

I have a Facebook page for my small business.  I set it up two years ago, and it has a link to my website, my business’s address and all of the contact information.  I’m good, right?

Maybe not.  Think about how you use Facebook personally.  Do you visit each of your friends’ individual pages, checking for updates?  Do you go to Aunt June’s page every day to see what she’s up to?

More than likely, the answer is no.  Most people let Facebook take care of that for them, via the News Feed.  They open up Facebook on their phone, tablet or computer and scroll through the News Feed, which is a collection of the most-recent or most-important posts from their friends and pages they like.

Is your page part of the News Feed?  If you’re not posting content to your page regularly, you’re not in the News Feed.  Posting a variety of content, frequently, helps keep your business in people’s News Feeds and top of mind.

Variety is the spice of life

The first rule of content: don’t just talk about yourself.  Talk about your store, your inventory, your industry and remember that Facebook is a conversation.  Ask your customers what they are interested in right now.  Be relevant to your local area and to what is happening in the community.  And be topical, where it is relevant.  There’s a national “holiday” every single day, with everything from federal holidays to National Cheesecake Day.  Check out a calendar and pick a few throughout the year that are relevant to your business.

Post text updates, photos and video.  Mixing up what you talk about with visual elements helps make your page more interesting and more engaging with your customers.  Remember – the photos and video don’t have to be professional-quality in social media.  Flip on a light and grab your smartphone.  Try a couple of different angles to see what looks good.

I have to post how often?

 Ideally, post something at least every single day.  Seem overwhelming as you’re getting started?  Try three times a week and be sure one of those days is a weekend day.  Many brands go quiet on the weekend, which is a great opportunity for your business to be seen!

When people comment on your page or ask questions, be sure to get back to them.  Just as you would never leave a phone ringing, you don’t want to leave a question unanswered on Facebook.

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 Toby Collodora is the Director of Social/Mobile Media for Informed Interactive.