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Video: A great way for businesses to “share” with potential customers

By Molly Faber

Everyone loves a good story. We thrive on information and connections. And we love to talk about what we just heard or saw.

When I get together with friends and family, it’s sometimes hard to get a word in because we are all trying to share the latest things we’ve seen or heard.  My friends and family aren’t very different from how others receive information, form opinions and make decisions.

Tapping into that simple way of how we interact with one another can boost business and propel them to the top of their industry. Looking at what we share and how we share it makes all the difference.

Videos can be the easiest connectors because they tell stories and bring messages to life. They can be composed of text, audio and visual which hits on our senses and demands our attention.

Do you remember the 2014 Super Bowl commercial for Budweiser with the puppy and the horse? It generated more than 1.3 million shares on social media. Budweiser got people talking and sharing by telling a story and connecting to the audience. The good videos build rapport with the viewers.

Great use of video will create loyalty and increase web traffic. Shoot something with your smartphone, and post it to Facebook. Or create a Vine video and post it to Twitter. It doesn’t have to be a thing of beauty, just authentic and thought provoking. It will also start conversations, recommendations and business branding. Most importantly, it will grow your business.

So next time you’re with customers or co-workers, think about what is being shared and how. Then pull out your phone and hit the record button.  You never know what might be the result of some good old-fashion sharing.

Molly Faber is an interactive campaign specialist with Informed Interactive in Saint Paul, Minnesota. She has worked with hundreds of clients on ways to improve and optimize their online presence.