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What your business has in common with curling

By David Buonfiglio

Every four years, the Winter Olympics comes around and something unexpected happens to me. I spend dozens of hours in a trance, watching a sport I don’t think about much otherwise. But when it’s on TV, I can’t get enough.


“Curling?,” you ask. “What are you thinking?”

It mesmerizes me. I can’t stop watching.

In my entranced state, I felt prompted to do something. I looked for curling apps on iTunes. How many do you think I found? Take a guess…

I found 26: game apps, how-to-play apps, timer apps, strategy apps.

That experience made me think of a comment I hear a lot when talking to business owners about what they’re doing in the mobile space.

“I don’t really need an app,” they say. “It’s not right for my category of business.”

Based upon research, however, I can’t come up with a category of business that shouldn’t have an app. Consider that 80 percent of time on a mobile smartphone is spent on apps (vs. mobile web sites and other data applications). And consider that one of the most important features people want on apps they get from businesses is easy access to the phone number. It’s a phone, after all.

Now you start to understand why having an app for your business can be so useful.

Did anyone think there would be more than a couple of apps dedicated to curling? Does curling really need an app? Apparently, it needs at least 26.

What about your business? Don’t you want your customers walking around with your app on their phones so they can call you, schedule an appointment, pay you, find out what your special deals are?

Having a solid mobile strategy for your business is critical: apps, mobile web, mobile advertising. These are the ways you will connect with and capture your customers in this increasingly mobile world.

Sorry, gotta go! The Chinese women’s team is curling against Latvia, and it’s getting very close.

David Buonfiglio is Vice President of Sales for Informed, and an aspiring curler.



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