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Why I have a job in one perfect picture!

I went to visit my sister a couple weeks ago, and we had a great time.  Her family is awesome.  She’s a great cook, her husband is a wonderful guy and father, and their kids are smart, funny and well behaved.  It’s always a good time when I go there.

And then, it happened. My past, present and future all hit me at the same time.

I was walking through their TV room and BOOM! There it was.  The image so perfectly set up, like a Matthew Brady photo. I had to snap a picture and save the moment forever.

We talk about a four-screen world to advertisers. The narrative is etched in my mind permenantly. We tell business owners that TV reaches a large audience, creates demand and sends people to their mobile devices for more information.  We all understand it intuitively.  I’ve used several generic, stock photos for presentations to demonstrate this 21st century phenomenon.

But there it was.  Perfectly framed.  Didn’t have to do anything but pull out the phone and snap a photo.

So, thanks, Sis. I always thoroughly enjoy coming to your home. And now, I have one more vision of your lovely home and family, all of you neatly huddled around the TV while using mobile devices. The perfect visual link between my personal and professional lives.

For business owners out there, you may want to snap your own photo in your own home, print it out, and put it up to remind you of how we all consume media now.