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Case Study: Why Smartphone Dependency is a Good Thing for Small Businesses

I feel lost without my smartphone. I admit it; I’m dependent on it. Chances are, you are two.

Statistics show that more than 90 percent of smartphone owners have their phone within arms reach 24/7. What’s more, it takes 26 hours for the average person to report a lost wallet, but just 68 minutes report a lost phone.

For marketers, this means opportunity. As a business, you have constant access to your consumers. But, first, you need to connect with them.

At Informed Owl, we help businesses communicate with on-the-go consumers through text message marketing campaigns. As Internet director at Lex18, an Informed Owl station in Lexington, Ky., I especially love creating, sending and tracking text message contests.

Jamba Juice Gains 1,100 Subscribers in Only Two Weeks

Recently, Lex18 helped our local Jamba Juice build its text database – people it can now connect with 24/7 – from zero to 1,100. And it only took two weeks.

Jamba Juice was looking to increase awareness of and sales at its two new Lexington locations – one on the University of Kentucky campus and one in the Fayette Mall. Ran from October – January.

We created a text-to-win contest inviting people to text “Jamba” to 42689 for a chance to win free smoothies for year. In addition to running TV ads, Lex18 developed an in-store strategy for point-of-sale marketing, including graphics for at the registers and in waiting areas:

Jamba Juice Flyer

Our creative department also created a Facebook image that we used to promote the campaign on the Contest Tab on Lex18’s Facebook page.

jamba-juice_400x400 (3)

More than 1,100 people entered the contest, which ran for two weeks. That means Jamba Juice connected with 1,100 customers and prospects – people with whom it now continues to communicate.

So, next time you set into lost-phone panic mode (you know – heart racing, palms sweating, maybe even some tears), let it be a reminder of the power of mobile. More importantly, consider how your business is using or can use mobile marketing to its advantage.



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