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We are the interactive “company in a company” for Cordillera Communications TV stations and Evening Post newspapers nationwide. We provide overall business strategy, client marketing solutions, interactive operations and sales resources in more than 20 mid-metro and community media markets.

Through Informed’s strategic relationships with top-tier service providers, our teams offer local business proprietors a full line of interactive marketing solutions.



David Buonfiglio
Vice President | Informed Interactive - St. Paul, MN

Phone: 855-206-8224  |  Linkedin: LinkedIn

As the VP of Interactive sales, I build local interactive sales teams for the future by structuring product lines and training in SEM, SEO, social media, mobile marketing, reputation management, targeted display advertising and email marketing. I coach sales teams and inspire them to become interactive media consultants.

I have expertise in the sales of multi-platform marketing, SEM, SEO, social media, reputation management, mobile marketing, email marketing, targeted display advertising. I build and train sales teams that push companies to profitability. I’m an experienced public speaker and conduct sales seminars for SMBs.