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QR Codes

Bridging Online And Print Media

qrcodeQR codes, short for Quick Response codes, use advanced, user-friendly scanning technology to quickly connect consumers to your mobile site, app, Facebook page or any other online presence you wish to link to. Ideal for including on brochures, business cards and mailers, QR codes are a unique way to bridge the gap between print and online media in a way that brings your brand to life and engages customers in an interactive experience.

And what’s more, Informed Interactive will help you measure and track results, including exactly how many times your QR has been used and by whom. This let’s us update the campaign in real time to give you the greatest ROI.

QR Code Benefits:

  • User convenience – Give consumers an easy, one-step method to connect to your website, phone number, directions, promotions or other information.
  • Environmentally-friendly – Resourcefully use space on printed materials and reduce waste.
  • Multipurpose – Develop once code that can be included on all marketing materials, from print collateral to outdoor displays to direct mail pieces.
  • Cross-device functionality – Unlike apps, which require special development for different mobile platforms (e.g., Adroic, iPhone, Blackberry), a single QR code will function on all smartphones.
  • Measurable – Track QR code usage for real-time campaign measurement and modification.

Contact your local Internet director to learn more about how your business can benefit from QR codes as part of your advertising strategy.

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