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Text Message Marketing (SMS)

Reach Customers In The Palms Of Their Hands.

Text message marketing, or SMS (simple messaging service), gives businesses the opportunity to engage and interact with consumers wherever they are. Informed Interactive helps businesses create, send and track a variety of text message campaigns, including:

  • Text-4-Alerts: Invite users to opt in to receive promotional text messages.
  • Text-2-Win: Increase brand loyalty and build your mobile list by promoting incentives.
  • Text-2-Vote: Engage your customers in real-time interactivity through a poll.
  • Text Request: Ask a question or invite comments about a particular topic.
  • Text-4-Info: Invite your customers to request details or info about your business.

Did You Know?

  • Mobile coupons get 10X the redemption rate of traditional coupons (1).
  • There are around 7 billion people on the planet. About 5 billion own a cell phone, but only around 4 billion own a toothbrush. Translation: More people own a cell phone than toothbrush (2).
  • 10 percent of people have visited a store after receiving a mobile coupon (3).

Contact your local Internet director to learn more about how your business can benefit from text message marketing.

1 Borell Associates, 2010
2 Mobile Marketing Association of Asia
3 Mobile Marketer, 2010

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