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Online Video

Connect Through Sight, Sound, Motion And Emotion.

Interactive video specialists from Informed Interactive can help you increase user engagement, maximize direct response and boost brand awareness. And with custom widgets, such as social sharing options, polls and discounts, users can engage with your brand without leaving the website where your ad was placed.

Online Video Services:

  • Video ad placement
  • Campaign management
  • Performance tracking

Did You Know?

  • Users are 9X more likely to click and visit an advertiser’s site after watching rich media with video than after watching standard banner ads (1).
  • People who see online video ads are 5.6 times more likely to visit a marketer’s website as those who see standard banners (1).

Contact your local Internet director to learn more about how your business can benefit from Informed Interactive Web services.

1 MediaMind, 2012

Your customers are online. You should be too.

Informed Owl certified Internet Marketing Professionals can help you reach your audience.