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Internet Marketing Solutions

With exceptional industry expertise and proven new media strategies, Informed Interactive provides results-driven Interactive marketing solutions in more than 20 mid-metro and community media markets.

Informed Interactive teams offer the full complement of digital solutions, from lead generation and lead nurturing to reputation management and marketing integration. Pair these solutions with our comprehensive Interactive marketing services, and you’ll find online marketing that delivers time and time again.

Digital Adds Up

  • Almost 85 percent of global consumers shop online (1).
  • More than one-third of U.S. consumers spend three or more hours online each day (2).
  • Top 3 things people do online (3):
  1. Check email
  2. Use search engines
  3. Get news

1 Nielson, 2011
2 The Media Audit, 2010
3 Pew Research Center, 2012

Your customers are online. You should be too.

Informed Owl certified Internet Marketing Professionals can help you reach your audience.